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How We Made Lunanid® Co.

What It Is Today

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our lapel pins, knows they are getting an authentic accessory.

My name is Nazhirah Rahimin: a Bruneian graphic designer and creator of Lunanid® Co.

Before I created Lunanid® Co., I observed how much culture and traditions Brunei has to offer, but it has not been represented enough.

Then one day,  I stumbled across a YouTube video about enamel lapel pins and thought, why not express it through pins? I wanted to make lapel pins that Bruneians can be proud of wearing and to be given as gifts as well.

I was concerned that my knowledge of Brunei wasn't enough to convey to anyone as I have lived 21 years of my life overseas.

But then...

I thought to myself, what better way to share a different perspective of a Bruneian who wants to learn about Brunei's history, culture, heritage, and traditions?

I decided I set out to create the most unique, high quality lapel pins for the proud Bruneian and curious travellers in the world.

It turns out...

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

As I come from an IT and media background, I have little knowledge of the business world eventhough I've taken some basic business modules during my college and university days.

In addition, a lot of money had to come out to produce products, packaging, and business-related finances.

I did not expect...

Taking this step would make me more confident and have this drive to do even better.

All I could think of is that I've got nothing to lose and face the challenges head on.

Nazhirah of Lunanid® Co.

Beyond a Kingdom of

Unexpected Treasure

Young travellers crave for adventure. Nothing is as intriguing as listening to a story about another country.

It draws you in as you learn more about what has happened there, what people used to do there, and what made it to what it is today. However small they may be, they still leave that mark in your mind.

Before stepping into...

The Abode of Peace's natural beauty, culture, tradition, and heritage, these young travellers want to know what Brunei Darussalam is really all about. For some, travelling across the world may not be ideal due to their budget. For young explorers to experience and connect with locals, a little treasure from the kingdom can unlock this barrier.

What we create here is much more than just pins. These are precious Bruneian tales for the young, curious traveller. Having a piece of Brunei can give you an experience of what it is all about.


The stories pinned on your shirt as you share with friends what it's all about or when you display it on your bag and people around you get curious about it. With an enamel pin from Lunanid Co., YOU become the storyteller. We want to help young travellers around the globe to express themselves and exposed them to Brunei's culture, tradition, and heritage.

I hope our products will help make you feel more in touch with Brunei, share pieces of Brunei Darussalam with the world, and inspire you to visit this peaceful country one day (or maybe you have)!

We welcome you...

To immerse in Brunei's culture, tradition, and heritage in these little treasures!