Orders within Brunei Darussalam are shipped via EMS Pos Laju from the post office and have an estimated delivery time of 1-2 business days depending on your location.

This does not include the time is takes for us to process your order (3-5 business days), and does not include weekends or holidays.

The shipping times listed are “close” but not guaranteed as a number of factors can slow down an order once it leaves our hands (such as weather, the holiday season, etc).

For this reason, we are not responsible for the time in which a package travels once it has been accepted by the post office.


We use EMS SpeedPost to ship our international orders.

Orders outside of Brunei Darussalam vary vastly, depending on your location.

Occasionally packages can be substantially delayed if they are held in customs.

Because we cannot control the speed in which processing occurs through your country’s customs officials, please understand that we are not responsible for shipping delays once the order leaves our hands.

Though delays are not common, they do happen occasionally.


Some countries require a Duty Fee, Tax, or Customs Charge before an order can be delivered.

These charges are somewhat random, relatively infrequent, but are 100% the buyer’s responsibility as you are the recipient of the mail.

This is not an additional shipping charge, nor are we responsible for covering your taxes and duty fees.

Please be aware of the individual taxes, duty fees and customs charges for your specific country.


To track your shipped order, visit via our post office’s page.

You may go to this site: http://www.post.gov.bn/SitePages/TrackItems.aspx


If you didn’t absolutely love your order, we are happy to refund your purchase after the item arrives back to us.

Please message us within 3 days of the items arrival. We do not cover your return shipping back to us. 

Once the order has arrived and we have inspected it for damage, we will issue a refund.


If your order didn’t work out and you’d like to exchange it, please contact us within 14 days of the items arrival.

Exchange orders must be unopened, unused, and undamaged in order for us to accept an exchange. We do not cover your return shipping back to us as well as the shipping of the newly exchanged order.

If the exchanged product cost higher than the original order, you will have to pay the remaining cost to match the price.


If your order has not arrived by the estimated delivery time, please feel free to let us know via private message.

A number of factors can influence mail speeds (weather, holidays, etc), so we may ask that you wait an additional 7 days, just in case your order is caught up at a sort facility.

If after 7 days your order has not arrived, we will do everything we can to contact the postal service to locate your order.


If your address was not entered correctly at the time of purchase, your package may be marked as “Undeliverable” and will usually be shipped back to us.

Once we receive your return order, we will request an edited address to re-ship your order. In the event of a re-shipment due to an incorrect address, you are responsible for the additional shipping charges.


We don’t goof often, but if we do, we will always take care of the issue for you. If for any reason your order is incorrect, please don’t hesitate to let us know within 14 days so that we can fix your order ASAP.


If for any reason your order was damaged in the mail, please contact us within 14 days of the orders arrival, along with a photo of the damaged item.

From there, we would be more than happy to refund or replace your order.


For any other inquiries, please email nazhirah@lunanid.com