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Cotton Candy Popsicle Pin

$ 15.00

Part of the limited edition Pin Pop Collection in collaboration with KYNA Popsicles.

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Sweet as a Cotton Candy Popsicle Pin

Feel the atmosphere of the fun fair with KYNA’s take on American cotton candy.

💛 Soft enamel gold plating pin which its design can be felt through its detailed texture

💖 Black rubber pin clutch is easy on the skin and secures your pin anywhere you pin it on

💙 Representation of KYNA’s Cotton Candy popsicle

💛 Pin collaboration with KYNA Popsicles

💖 Packaged in handmade paper wrapper so that you can experience opening a packed miniature popsicle

💙 Appreciate popsicles more!

Display your pins on our Lunyard

💛 Our Lunyard is useful for storing, organising, and pin trading your pins!

💖 We have 2 types of Lunyayrds: Mini Lunyard and Maxi Lunyard

💙 Mini Lunyard is 48cm which includes a lobster claw clasp

💛 Maxi Lunyard is 60cm which includes a translucent release buckle and an egg hook clasp

Pin+ it!

💛 Our Pin+ (Pin Plus) Series are add-ons for your pins! 

💖 We’ve got your back when you misplace or want to change the colours of your rubber pin backs!

💙 We have 3 Pin+ packs: R3, R5, and R10

💛 Pin+ R3 is a pack of 3 rubber pin backs

💖 Pin+ R5 is a pack of 5 rubber pin backs

💙 Pin+ R10 is a pack of 10 rubber pin backs

Surprise your loved ones

💛 Each order comes wrapped and ready for gifting! 

💖 Is this a gift? Please type their name and a message before you check out so that we can personalise a note to go along with it

💙 If this order is shipping to a friend, also be sure to leave the correct address on the order or you may end up finding the package in your own mailbox

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Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 2.54 × 1.12 cm

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  1. Isma Faizah

    Thanks for the great item! 😄 Very shic and service is superb also!

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