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DripPin’ Banner

$ 10.00

DripPin’ Banner is part of the 3rd Pinversary Collection

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Your pin collection will be drippin' in style!

💛 Designed by Nukman Syahmil bin Hj Najmuddin

💖 Display up to 9 pins

💙 Does not leave noticeable mark when changing your pins

💛 Made out of canvas

💖 Size: 35 x 30 cm

💙 Beautiful white & gold string attached to wooden pole to hang your banner

💛 Decorate your home, office, and living space

Add a Lunyard

💛 Our Lunyards aka lanyards are useful for storing and organising your pins!

💖 We have 2 types of lanyards: Mini Lunyard and Maxi Lunyard

💙 Mini Lunyard is 48cm which includes a lobster claw clasp

💛 Maxi Lunyard is 60cm which includes a translucent release buckle and an egg hook clasp


💛 Each order comes with a free dust bag and is ready for gifting! 

💖 Is this a gift? Please type their name before you check out so that we can personalise a message for them!

💙 If this order is shipping to a friend, also be sure to leave the correct address on the order or you may end up finding the package in your own mailbox

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 31 × 9 cm

Cream, Grey, Black


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