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Mini Pin Hoop

$ 3.00$ 4.50

Always wanted to bring around your pin without damaging the fabric it has to be pinned to?

Say no more; we’ve got your back with our Mini Pin Hoops!

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Mini Pin Hoop is a great way to display your pins

You can turn it into a keychain, necklace, or leave it as is!

5 steps to use your Mini Pin Hoop:
1. Use a small piece of cloth
2. Clasp the cloth in between the outer and inner hoop
3. Use screw and nut bolts provided and tighten it
4. Pin your pin onto the cloth
5. Done!
💛 Made out of wood
💖 It comes in 4 sizes:
  • S (15mm diameter) 
  • M (23mm diameter) 
  • L (33mm diameter) 
  • XL (43mm diameter)
💙 One (1) screw and two (2) nut bolts are provided for each Mini Pin Hoop
💛 Only 5 pieces per pin hoop size available

Additional information

Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 2.2 cm

S (15mm), M (23mm), L (33mm), XL (43mm)


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