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Seas The Day Squid Limited Edition Lapel Pin

Part of the Sealife Collection (Limited Edition).

Designed by Lisa of Kaleidoscope Studio.



One of the most intelligent invertebrates

The squid is an amazing creature and are one of the most intelligent invertebrates. They use their intelligence to do various things like manually control their buoyancy, use their arms to walk along the ocean floor and mimic the shape and texture of their surroundings to better hide!

And even though they are colour blind, they can change to be almost any colour and rely on their ability to camouflage to avoid predators. Although they typically use their color-changing abilities to blend in to avoid getting eaten, when squids go on the offensive, they turn their bodies into pulsating light and color shows in an attempt to hypnotize potential prey!

This pin celebrates this awesome real life rainbow creature. Seas the Day and Save our Oceans!

💛 Hard enamel

💖 Lapel pin

💙 Limited edition

💛 Size (WxH): 3cm x 1.1cm

💖 It comes in 2 colours:

  • Black x Coral (Rose gold plated)
  • Chroma (Rainbow plated)

💙 A blue rubber back pin to secure your pin onto your shirt, hat, bag, and along side your pin display board!

Additional information

Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1.1 cm


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